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a woman in an orange dress sitting at a table with a laptop computer on it
Venice Stool Talenti
Venice is an outdoor stool, a furnishing complement for outdoor space designed by the Talenti team. This stool has a backrest and armrests, a footrest, a comfortable seat with an attached outdoor treated fabric cushion, and quality and valuable finishes, it is the outdoor Venice stool.
an outdoor dining area with wooden tables and white chairs, surrounded by wood paneling
Venice Chair Talenti
Here, we have the Venice outdoor chair, also known as an armchair, which is presented with nods to traditional lines but with a distinctly contemporary design and finish. Treated wood for outdoor use and rope, a seat cushion, simple colors that exude elegance and class wherever placed, and plenty of ensured comfort. The Venice chair, with four legs and armrests, is an Italian design that enhances outdoor spaces.
a woman sitting at a table in the middle of a patio with chairs around it
Venice Table Talenti
Venice is the fixed outdoor table, either round or rectangular in wood. Venice outdoor, the modern table that showcases its beauty, certainly with its simple and clean design, but above all with the finish of the materials chosen and used for the beauty of its surface. The table, a top complement for the social area, adds distinction and warmth, and Venice also offers quality and decor that personalize and gratify.
a woman swimming in a pool next to two lounge chairs and a table with a coffee table on it
Venice Sunbed Talenti
In single or double sun lounger version, here is Venice, the sun lounger, the splendid furnishing complement for the personal outdoor relaxation area. A modern, elegant design, a choice of high-quality materials and attention in treatment and processing, a pleasure to the senses and a certainty of enjoying to the fullest those idle moments we take.
a living room filled with furniture next to a swimming pool
Venice Pouf Talenti
Here or there, a pouf is always welcome, always appreciated, and always useful. The outdoor pouf, in this case, the beautiful Venice pouf, follows with sympathy the sofa or armchair, providing its particular comfort. A simple design with a cushion of just the right softness, so, in simplicity, Venice the pouf. Materials, craftsmanship, and small details offer timeless and boundless elegance, quality that always reveals itself and pleases everyone.
a woman standing next to a couch and chair in a room with wood paneling
Venice Coffee table Talenti
The coffee table, the complement that furnishes and completes and harmonizes with utility the living space, outdoor or indoor, of every place. Talenti, the outdoor furniture brand, known worldwide, expresses itself best with the modern Venice collection and here proposes, in multiple versions, a wooden coffee table. Venice outdoor coffee table, round, rectangular, or square, presents itself with a modern, elegant, and tasteful design, always appreciated everywhere.
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a large glass wall covered in windows
Venice Armchair Talenti
Venice, the outdoor armchair offered by the Italian furniture brand Talenti. The Venice armchair, in two versions, is an outdoor lounge chair and an outdoor living chair, part of the modern outdoor collection, and is presented as a wooden armchair with armrests. Its backrest is woven with special rope or fabric, it has excellent seat cushions, and if desired, pleasant decorative cushions, so Venice armchair complements, enhances, and completes the personal outdoor living area.
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a glass wall covered in wood
Venice Sofa Talenti
Talenti, the globally recognized outdoor furniture brand, expresses itself best with the modern Venice collection, and here we find the sofa. Venice is the fixed or modular outdoor sofa that offers a pleasant and carefree meeting place. Soft and generous seat and back cushions delight the senses, and any decorative cushions add both beauty and that extra bit of comfort. Its design is modern and very distinctive, and the elegance of materials and finishes make it unique and satisfying.
three lounge chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a swimming pool
Tressé Sunlounger Talenti
Here's another particular and interesting accessory dedicated to pure relaxation: the sun lounger. Tressé is a modern outdoor sun lounger, available for both individuals and couples. Tressé is all about comfort; its design is essential, allowing ample space for full enjoyment. A movable side allows for ideal positioning according to preference, while the headrest enhances well-being. Everything is upholstered, everything is in harmony, everything is satisfaction.
a grey ottoman sitting on top of a white floor
Tressé Pouf Talenti
Among the Tressé outdoor furniture collection by the Talenti brand, there's the Tressé pouf. Indeed, the pouf is a must-have in both outdoor and indoor living areas. It comes to the rescue for sudden and unexpected occasions, providing support wherever and whenever needed. As for the outdoor Tressé pouf, what can we say? Its design is simple, with a square shape, and it stands out with its cozy cushion made from specific outdoor fabric.
a large sectional couch sitting on top of a cement floor next to a swimming pool
Tressé Coffee table Talenti
Coffee Table More shapes and sizes for the outdoor coffee table Ever from the eponymous family of complements that furnish outdoor spaces. The coffee table is a versatile complement, always handy, highly indispensable, and continuously available wherever it is desired, for all these needs, there is Ever coffee table.
a living room with two couches and a coffee table in front of a wooden slatted wall
Tressé Armchair Talenti
Aluminum, combined with faux leather weaving, plus a cozy single-seater cushioned seat equals a beautiful armchair. Here it is, the Tressé outdoor armchair. Tressé is a very comfortable modern armchair, its square design is elegant and dynamic, its finishes and colors immediately provide pleasure and tranquility, and, together with the sofa of the same name, it completes the space dedicated to joy and carefree living.
a woman standing on top of a couch next to a pool
Tressé Sofa Talenti
Tressé modular outdoor sofa or Tressé fixed outdoor sofa, whichever it is, this sofa furnishes the outdoor space with elegance and pleasant modernity. Dynamic and practical, but with class and a new personality, Tressé satisfies all the desires that are demanded today: luxury, practicality, durability and particular distinction. Aluminium, synthetic leather and specific fabric for outdoor use, this is the trio that provides sensations and pleasure in all senses.
a woman standing next to a table and chairs
Tressé Table Talenti
More dimensions for the Tressé fixed outdoor table. The modern design is simple and geometric, the table top is rectangular, made of lava stone, the rest is aluminium, everything is smooth, everything is pure, everything is always elegant and always up to date. Tressé, the outdoor table "king" of the living space, surrounded by the chairs of the same name, with competence and discretion, undoubtedly gives happy and satisfying moments to all.
an outdoor dining table and chairs in front of a stone building with grass on the ground
Tressé Chair Talenti
Tressé, the practical, lightweight and modern aluminium outdoor chair. With its versatile and youthful simplicity, Tressé furnishes the convivial space and offers the right amount of relaxation when in use. Tressé is a chair with armrests, the seat cushioning rests on faux leather strips, and the structure marks a linear geometry.