heidi, que bonito recuerdo . Todavía hoy ,después de muchos años, soy capaz de cantar la canción de la serie. HERMOSA SERIE

Heidi is just a little girl that dose not have parents at all but his grandpa takes care of her and they also take Heidi away from her grandpa I wanted to cry and if you are interested about it go to you tube nd look for it


her name is Heidi and look for it in you tube and it so sad trust me I almost cried and when I think about it I want to cry


"Heidi, Girl of the Alps", "Alps no shôjo Heidi" 1974 - Heidi und Geissenpeter

trineo en el aire

Reminds me of a certain scene, LOL! The beloved folk character Heidi and her friend Peter sledding in the Swiss Alps

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