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Grayson and Ethan Dolan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm sorry this isn't Magcon related don't hate me! I was just wondering if there was any fans of the Dolan Twins, comment below if you like them and I might make a board of them xx

dolan twins

Ladies and Ladies let me introduce you to the Dolan Twins aka Ethan and Grayson! They might be only 15 but the Jaw Line Game is ON POINT!

ethan and grayson dolan

Grayson) hey I am Grayson // Ethan) hi I am Ethan // Grayson) we are both 19 and single. Ethan) he is my twin.but I am hotter Grayson) Nope! Ethan) we are addicted to drinking and girls!

Here's What Happened When We Hung Out with Vine Superstar Cameron Dallas

Vine superstar Cameron Dallas came to visit Teen Vogue, and we talked about his new Expelled movie, Aeropostale collection, and more. (Did we mention we snapped a few pics?

Cameron Dallas #CameronDallas #Tumblr

Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend>>> guys I posted this like a while ago but this girl commented about my caption. I was talking about the song from Shawn. Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend.