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the paper dog is made out of toilet paper and rolled up with glue on it
Hond maken in thema surprises
Hond maken -- Leuk om te knutselen
three different pictures of various objects in the shape of people and animals, one is made out of plastic bottles
I love these guys! Gotta make some.
the process to make a gold frame with wood shavings and glue on it
Ecco tanti modi geniali per esporre le proprie collezioni in casa. Idee uniche!!!
Original idea para el cuarto de los peques.
four photos of different colored planters with plants growing out of them and on top of each other
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two cats sitting on top of different colored boxes
Cat house from recycled PC monitors
two key chains with red and white keys attached to them
Riciclare vecchia tastiera del computer, 20 idee creative...
Riciclare vecchia tastiera del computer, 21 idee creative... Riciclare vecchia tastiera del computer. Non buttiamo niente, ricicliamo tutto! Guardate come possiamo riciclare la vecchia tastiera di un computer in disuso. Tanti di noi abbiamo a casa oggetti...
a man wearing a bracelet with four black cubes attached to it's wrist
Keyboard | Etsy ES
Recycled Upcycled Computer Black Keyboard Key Geeky Quirky Wire Bracelet
a group of black and white cubes hanging from a purple hook on a wall