Here you go Lauren! Please take a picture like this when you get to Italy and send it! xoxo

Travel in Italian Style on Vespa.--love the tardis blue vespa but especially the flower dress

Piergiorgio Branzi - Napoli, 1953

Piergiorgio Branzi - Napoli, 1953 - Vintage Black and White Photography

Italy, Rome, 1951

Italian Vintage Photographs ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson - Rome, Italy, 1951 From Magnum Photos.

ITALY. Rome. 1952. Henri Cartier-Bresson - - - -wow we did this when we were in Rome. I love that you can drink the water in the fountains there.

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Italy, Rome, 1952 - drink the water in the fountains there - Childrens moment - child´s play in water - happy moment