and tbh same

First, there's Super awesome hardcore man, and then there's the little ADHD 13 yr old and I love them both.

Brendon Urie. just click on it. it's worth it.

You see total regret after he did that. He was probably imagining it turning into a GIF. A dream come true.<<< BUT HE DIDNT CLOSE THE GODDAMN DOOR *gasp*<<< do you even listen to your own music, brendon!

Panic! at the Disco Brendon's randomness :)

brendon urie panic at the disco red carpet brendon boyd urie panic at the disco gif brendon urie gif brendon boyd BRENDON URIE IS PERFECT i love brendon urie

When he was just too damn precious in this crossover. | 19 Times Brendon Urie Was Too Pure For This World

19 Times Brendon Urie Was Too Pure For This World


BRENDON URIE WORLD<<< A whole new world, a whole new place we've never been<<< he is our shooting star!

now that just makes me feel like Brendon is actually in a cult now<<< he is the cult leader and we swore to listen to him

There's a Brendon Urie GIF for that

I love when Beebs goes all sassy or mean and then breaks into full smile to make up for it and it's just so cute

“Keep On Keeping On” is a pretty lit song