Libro Illeggibile by Bruno Munari

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Una copertina storica per il libro per bambini per eccellenza degli anni 70 in Italia: "Favole al Telefono" di Gianni Rodari illustrato da Bruno Munari. Due che giocando e sperimentando ci hanno proiettato nel futuro e ci hanno insegnato il gusto dell'intelligenza

La carica dei nipotini di Rodari: gli italiani che sbancano all'estero

The Tactile Workshops by Bruno Munari. "do not touch! how many times do children hear this order? no one would ever say: do not look, do not listen, but touching is different. evidently a lot of people think you can do without. the books in the new workshop series describe different working techniques, from educational to explanatory pamphlets and "poetic" play... with basic explanations and plenty of stimuli, suggestions and maps to get adults and children, teachers and students working…

The Tactile Workshops by Bruno Munari edizioni coraini — we learn by touching

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari, Illegible book N.Y, Published by the Museum of Modern Art, NY. “ Munari first conceived the ‘unreadable book’ in and its first incarnation was exhibited the same year at the.

1945, Bruno Munari

Having enjoyed the two Mari, let's further explore Italian Modernism with Munari. Bruno Munari , born in Milan in started his creat.

Il Libri degli errori. Gianni Rodari, illustrations Bruno Munari

"Il Libri degli errori" (the book of errors) by Gianni Rodari, illustrations and graphic (for kids) by Bruno Munari