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Scorpios are natural psychologists, and spend much of their time analyzing their own, and other's behaviours- they are excellent at picking up subtle clues from others and noticing the body language and behaviours that speak louder than words.

Consent and kids

Consent and kids. I talk to my kinder kids about this a lot. Ask before touching someone, and respect no's from other kids (and teachers, but they can't say no to something that is unsafe!

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Yes yes YES so much yes! Hufflepuffs!! Hufflepuffs who feel the true sting and pain of not being included but putting on a smile anyways as to not make the other person feel bad. Hufflepuffs who are so darn under appreciated!!! Hufflepuffs, who can be very gullible because they want to believe the best in people, they want to trust people. But once you break the hufflepuff’s trust, they will forgive you but treat you with caution just the same. Hufflepuff’s, who believe in second chances…

I have all the good qualities of Ravenclaw and all the bad qualities of Hufflepuff. Some of the other Hufflepuff things could be me, but I'm Ravenclaw

Well probably Demeter has dark skin too, my interpretation personally is that the Greeks saw earth gods as darker skinned, like soil: Persephone (springtime), Gaia (earth itself), and then Demeter, agriculture. Persephone is also closer to her mother, because, well- Demeter was one of zeus's victims, not wives. Oh also Demeter and Hera were both Zeus's sisters. Eyy. But all the gods could change their appearance at will, so...

Actually, in Rick Riordan's guide to the Greek gods, Persephone is described with blonde hair and fair skin like her mother. >>> Sometimes I feel a connection to my aunt Artemis lol. but how weird / cool is this!