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Belle ~ La Belle et La Bête✨✨✨ ~ ❤️ {Disney} ❤️

Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast / Honey, remember the yellow Beauty Belle dress you used to wear? Mommy made socks with crochets beads - pale yellow and pink, to match.

The strongest loop knot you can tie

The Non Slip Loop Knot. The strongest loop knot you can tie. Used by big game anglers worldwide. Easy to tie, far stronger and more reliable than the old fashioned strangulating figure eight knot that can substantially weaken line.

Cute house made to fit on small lot, with tower wing set at 45 degree angle to main part of house. In Circleville OH, where my maternal grandmother was born in Cool if it was hers. Paint job is really nice.

15-Minute Flab To Flat Belly Workout Challenge| WITH VIDEOS

This flab to flat belly workout challenge is the best way to torch belly fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It’s quick, simple and it doesn’t require any special equipment. And th… Diet plan for weight loss in two weeks! Do yourself a flat belly!


A step-by-step guide to 4 strand Dutch braids by Divine Caroline -- 'The Four-Strand Braid Made Easy-ish'(Hair Braids Step By Step)