Monica Vitti (born 3 November 1931) is an Italian actress best known for her starring roles in films directed by Michelangelo Antonioni during the early 1960s.

Monica Vitti Great way I want bangs? But I am afraid to have bangs.

Virna Lisa Pieralisi, born on 8 November 1936, was a theatre and cinema actress who made career in Italy and later in Hollywood. She starred with Totò, Anna Magnani, Alain Delon, Anthony Quinn, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, William Holden ... She became tired of her "Italian Marilyn" image, left Hollywood and continued her success as a character actress in Europe.

oh my goodness I remember going to the cinema and seeing her in movie starring alongside Jack Lemmon

Anna Magnani-Wonderful Italian actress. I love her face completely

ITALY / FRANCE -- Actress, Anna Magnani possesses a remarkably expressive face, and for American audiences, at least, she represents what Hollywood had consistently failed to produce: reality.

Alida Valli in The Paradine Case (Alfred Hitchcock, 1947)

Baroness Alida Maria Laura Altenburger von MarckensteinFrauenberg 31 May 1921 22 April 2006 better known by her stage name Alida Valli or simply Valli