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the words per aspera ad astra written in black ink on a white background
"Per aspera ad astra" Art Print for Sale by krabaska
"Per aspera ad astra" Art Print by krabaska | Redbubble
the words in omnia paratus ready for anything are black and white on a white background
in omnia paratus | Tumblr | Tattoo quotes about strength, Latin quotes, Words
an advertisement with the words, no desistas non exires never give up never
the front cover of a book with black lettering
Avante Partners
the title for an article about how to use font and type in your book,
a piece of paper with the words perfere et obdura, dolorhic tibi proderit olim
Latin Quotes Ovid. QuotesGram
a black and white photo with the words love is rich with both honey and venom
Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus.