Week 8 Talk about what we could find on a farm?Which animals give us eggs, milk etc. What fruit makes jam? Get child to cut out the shapes and colour. Great for a fine motor skills exercise too.

Cuidamos nuestros dientes

Do as a class on the board! Ask what tooth the students think it should go on the healthy/ happy tooth or the sad tooth Happy tooth, Sad tooth collage. Great for Dental Health Month in February, as part of a Healthy Me theme.

Top 10 Dental Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Oral surgeon what kind of doctor does root canals,plaque build up removal presenta plaque,reduce tartar build up swollen and bleeding gums.

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Dental Coloring Pages

Professional teeth whitening products oral implant surgery,dental clinic nearby orthodontist,dental plaque removal naturally plaque or tartar.

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Dental Health Unit and craft.packed full of posters, readers, "big" books featuring real life pictures, graphic organizers, crafts and