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two red and gold earrings with bells attached to each earring, on a white background
Ohrringe Ethno Paar - Etsy
Größe: 5,5 cm lang 2 cm breit In diesem Produkt habe ich Kaffeekapseln verarbeitet. Die Kapseln bestehen aus Aluminium und sind somit ein tolles Rohmaterial, welches ich sehr gerne weiterverarbeite, anstatt es zu entsorgen. Hier handelt es sich um ein Upcycling - Produkt Beim Upcycling werden
a silver necklace with blue and green designs on it
Risultati immagini per bisuteria nespresso
a necklace with some beads hanging from it's sides on a black surface,
a pair of scissors and some other items on a table
Ciao a tutti! Come promesso ecco il secondo tutorial; fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate e inviatemi i vostri lavori! Per chi si è perso il tutorial precedente qu...
three charms are sitting on a wooden table next to a sign that says mtt lebi gmacht upcycling - semuck
three rings with turquoise and black stones in them on a white furnishing background
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anillo hecho con capsula de nespresso
six different pictures of small dolls wearing hats and dresses, all in different colors with the same name on them
Coffee & Espresso Machines & Accessories
Scoprite la creazione di Samantha M. per il concorso Nespresso Second Life.
a small figurine with a hat and purse on it's head is sitting on a table
DIY or buy
Made by @diyorbuy #upcycled #nespresso #coffee #capsules #dolls #DIY #DIY_or_buy #ökoműves #handmade #handcrafted #Hungary #ecofriendly #újrahasznos #ccc
pair of silver and blue earrings with pearls on them sitting on top of a table
DIY or buy
Made by Kriszta Trunkos @diyorbuy #recycling #nespresso #capsule #upcycled #earrings #jewelry #DIY #DIY_or_buy #ökoműves #handmade #handcrafted #Hungary #ecofriendly #újrahasznos #ccc
three little princess necklaces with pearls on them
Il concorso
a pink donut pendant on a red and white plate with a silver ring hanging from it
Ketten mit Anhänger -
Die Kette besteht aus einem weißen und einem roten Lederband mit Karabiner-Verschluss und Verlängerungskettchen sowie einem Anhänger aus Nespresso-Kapseln, auf dem ein roter Lederknopf mit einem...
a necklace with a ball in the center on a white tablecloth, next to a chain
Los sueños de Yan
Ciondolo da capsule Nespresso
three pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a white table next to a sign that says creation d'deny
Ciondolo e orecchini bicolore