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abandoned homes in Rodanthe - abandoned house by/in the sea

Beach House, Rodanthe, North Carolina I love the movie, Night in Rodanthe with Diane Lane and Richard Gere. This looks like the house they may have filmed the movie. Money difference is the exterior colors.

The Hotel Melrose started as a Victorian mansion in 1881. Decorated with overlapping shingles, cupolas, and domes, it eventually became a hotel apartment. When built, the hotel proper was attached to the mansion which became its annex.

The Melrose Hotel on Bunker Hill, It was demolished in From a remarkable series of color photographs of Bunker Hill taken by the actor George Mann before & claimed the many century structures that made up the heart of old downtown Los Angeles.

Schloss H In 2009 i have hunted several castles in europe. Some were a success and some failed. This one had a caretaker living in a single room at one end of the castle. There was no way in. when: august 2009

abandoned building Although many of them are in poor condition due to lack of maintenance and a few years hanging over them inexorably, the cuban capital Is full of nice architecture.