Caltagirone stairs ~ Sicily, Italy

Gambino Winery - our land, Sicily - Italy Sicily Caltagirone stairs - travel. Every city should decorate their public shaircases--beautiful!

The dreamy Isola della Gaiola in Italy

GaiolaBridge (or as Italians call it - Isola della Gaiola)? According to the legend, it used to belong to a very rich man years ago who owned both of those tiny islands

Scopello, Sicily by Vincenzo Giordano, province of Trapani Sicily region Italy

Best Sicily beaches: Spectacular scenery, blue clear waters (photos)

Castello di Erice ~ Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Erice Castle ~ Trapani, Sicily, Italy~We stayed here after a swim meet in an old convent on top of a was breathtaking!

Salt of Marsala, Sicily, Italy.  Marsala is an Italian town located in the Province of Trapani in the westernmost part of Sicily. Marsala is the most populous town in Trapani, and the fifth-highest in Sicily.

Gambino Winery - our land, Sicily - Saline di Marsala (Sicilia, Italia). Salt pans of Marsala (Sicily, Italy)

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