Una tarta que es un éxtasis de sabor: ¡es de arroz con leche!

Una tarta que es un éxtasis de sabor: ¡es de arroz con leche!

Humming Needles: Stem Stitch Rose with Knotted Center - Tutorial

Today& stitching time was spent playing with a couple of stitches in the company of one of my favorite embroidery books and my doodle clot.


Make a Necklace Display: A Cheap & Easy Way to Create A Great Looking Necklace Bust

DIY Cardboard Necklace Display Tutorial and Pattern from Stella + Hodge here. Middle Photo: The original tutorial Jewelry Business DIY by Stella + Hodge. You can cover this bust in paper or fabric.

101_3066.jpg (1600×1200)

Turtle Pincushion - Adorable (and useful) hexie pincushion. Turtles always make me think of my sweet great-niece, Reagan.

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Jeans viejos DIY Reutilización Ideas - MB Desire bricolaje y manualidades

039.jpg (508×572)

Bags and denim jeans. (I like the idea of using the waiste band on a bag of a different fabric)

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Quilting and patchwork. DIY tutorial in pictures.

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