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Our troop wanted a patrol cook kit that could be carried by one scout (or two small scouts), and the old traditional patrol box just could not be scaled down to work.  So we set out to design a kit on our own.  We decided what we wanted in the kit and built the box to contain only that gear.  The box contains no food, and limited consumables.
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Chuck Box: Ultimate Camping Kitchen Setup in a Box (Video)
Mandala Stone by Kimberly Vallee: Hand painted with acrylic and protected with a matt finish, each stone is 2.5"-3" diameter and is one-of-a-kind.
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The Campmate camping kitchen is a huge plastic box; the top comes of leaving space for a 2-burner stove and two doors which swing out and form a work surface. The doors have enough space for spices and the rest of the box holds plates, cups, silverware and pots, with everything in its own space.