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a statue of a man made out of wood in the middle of some bushes and trees
Art of Kim Graham
two people are working on an artificial tree
A huge 12-foot tall troll is built by Kim and volunteers with completely non-toxic materials The most important aspect of this sculpture is that it is truly interactive. The most common way that people interact with public art is by having their pictures taken in front of them. It is shocking how little of public art is intended for this basic purpose. The Troll, greenery being applied, 2006
an illustration of foxes in different colors and sizes
1000 drawings!
a poster with different animals on it and the words burrovers written in white ink
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Kate Dolamore Art ~ Designer: Kate Dolamore ~ Watercolor painting of burrowing animals, featuring: Ant, Armadillo, Badger, Burrowing Owl, Chipmunk, Cicada, Earthworm, Fox, Gopher, Groundhog, Kingfisher, Mole, Otter, Prairie Dog, Puffin, Rabbit, Shrew, Skunk, Snake, Tortoise. This is a large signed print.
a painting of a red fox sitting in the grass next to two trees with its eyes closed
Untitled Document
Red fox
an image of birds that are in different colors and sizes on a white background with the words native birds written below them
Kate Sutton
a poster with different types of birds on it's sides and the names of each bird
Kate Sutton Illustration | British Garden Birds
a painting of a bird sitting on top of a purple flower in a glass vase
Oleg Gavrilov
a painting of hummingbirds and flowers on a branch
Art of Russell Cobane
an image of birds and other animals in the wild side up on a sheet of paper
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Marjolein Bastin
an instagram with flowers on it and a hummingbird sitting on the flower petals
two hummingbirds are flying near purple flowers
[LRS Art Medley] D.N. Miller, Fuchsia Frolic
Gorgeous purple hummingbird art! By artist D. Nicholson Miller.