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1girl animal_ears apron artist_name blue_eyes blush cat_ears cat_tail dark_skin…

animal ears apron artist name blue eyes blush cat ears cat tail dark skin ears down facial mark feather duster final fantasy final fantasy xiv frills garter straps highres kunai lace lace-trimmed thighhighs long hair maid maid apron maid headdress mi

sandflakedraws: “more of this ” I like this undyne

sandflakedraws: “more of this ” I like this undyne

the crown. so close I can taste it. i see what's mine and take it ✰

lilaira: “ sandflakedraws: “ tryin to figure out how to draw miss battle fish final thoughts: ” =q= awwww yiss ”

commission - serenityabyss

My day was >:/ a mix of frustrate and sad and good. I went to the mall with Kyler and Gib for a little bit and I saw Rhys and she and I were genuinely friendly I'm glad that she doesn't hate me haha I don't want to be hated by anyone