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Le proprietà curative dei fiori di bach | Approfondimenti di naturopatia

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Fiori di Bach. Per curare - Scilla Di Massa - Google Libri

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mappa fiori di bach

Bach Flower Cards [Mustard] - The negative Mustard state cannot be hidden - as the suffer turns completely inward, with all energies directed toward living through an overpowering gloom. The positive Mustard state carries a feeling of joyful serenity that serves them through both dark and sunny days. They'll still see the dark clouds, but won't be plunged into depression by them.

Bach Flower Cards [Aspen] - Those in need of this Bach flower essence seem to be "caught" in that emotional and astral plane that we all pass through every night in our dreams - the planes that harbor our personal emotional experiences, along with our notions of heaven and hell, superstitions, and even fairy tale ideas. Treatment with Aspen allows a person to enter into more subtle planes of consciousness and gain access to higher spiritual spheres.

Bach Flower Cards [Honeysuckle] - Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower Remedy that allows you to live in the present rather than the past. The negative Honeysuckle state keeps a person "stuck" in the past - unable and unwilling to accept the changes of his or her present life, and expecting nothing good to come from the future. In a positive Honeysuckle state, one is able to connect to the past and learn from it - holding on to good memories and letting go of regret over poor ones.

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