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a painting of a dog sleeping on the moon
an image of a cartoon character looking out the window with words dolci sogni
an image of a hand holding a wand with stars in the sky behind it and text that reads, 10 agosto san loernizno
Immagini San Lorenzo
an image of a beach scene with the words summer 8 agosto and sunglasses on it
a pig is flying in the sky with stars
two pink roses floating in the water next to some mountains and blue sky with text that reads, buongiorno
two candles and a book with the words diamatte written in italian on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
three bubbles with words written on them in front of a blue background and an orange star
an advertisement for a children's book with a girl on a swing and stars in the sky
Immagini Buonanotte
a cartoon character is flying in the sky above the ocean with words that read, agoni d'oro
Immagini Buonanotte
a beach with palm trees and the sun in the background, saying that there is no place to go
a poster with a fairy sitting on top of a boat
a poster with the words bonanote and a silhouette of a person sitting on a boat
Pesco desideri... in un mare di stelle! Buonanotte