Lavoretto Foglie Autunnali Pappagallo

totally going to use it for Art Week a the zoo! Creating fall leaf pictures is a classic craft activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. You'll find this lovely example and others at Atelier Pour Enfants.

Lavoretto Foglie Autunnali Elefante

Leaf art--perfect project for the kids to do in the fall. Have them pick out their leaves then Use them in their own unique artwork (cover with contact paper to help preserve it)

Lavoretto Foglie Autunnali Riccio

hedgehog fall leaf craft - I did this with my son's class and it was a total hit. I'd recommend using leaves that aren't brown yet, as the brown leaves are more brittle and hard for kids it work with.

Lavoretti Animali Foglie Autunnali

Lavoretti Animali Foglie Autunnali