Not a goldfish, but really cute!

To see a Seahorse in the wild ! in the ocean rather than an aquarium ., a beautiful blue, this is like wow!

The miners worked day and night, but night was as most interesting. The mountain glowed with white and golden glow. It was almost eerie, but to little Ashie, it became more interesting the more she looked at it.

USA people i was busy eating!- my favorite i ate it since for long time since little kid - ITS DELICIOUS!

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Portofolio Fotografi Landscape - Winter Wonderland - Golden sunrise It's gorgeous but I don't like the cold.

Horses, Horse

Happy are those who practice gratitude for what they are blessed with, no matter how small the blessing.

Cherishing - our pool Ideal - /Till in purer dress-/We behold her - glorified-/Comforts - search- like this-/Till the broken creatures - /We adored- for whole-/Stains- all washed-/Transfigured-mended-/Meet us - with a smile -.


Purple Moon and cherry blossom, sakura pink flower nature eco beautiful places landscape travel natura peisaj

Blue Moon

Swing me to the me at the swing and we can talk the night away.

Pełnia Księżyca nadaje rzeczywistości odrobinę magii. Zatrzymaj ten moment na dłużej z #herbatą #Big-Active

Night time gifts.....

Ancient Konitsa Bridge, Epirus ,Greece: by laohu

Epirus - Grécia

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