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MariaOlimpia Marella
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Era facile sapere quand'era felice. Non poteva fare a meno di illuminare tutto ciò che la circondava.

Is it possible to find balance during the holidays? It's hard to try to keep a regular routine through the holidays with parties, shopping, baking, special services at church. Most routines go righ.

Although I don't exactly like Miley Cyrus, I do agree with this quote. I don't know anything really about her or anything, but what if there is something more to her then her mistakes? She is a human being after all.

People only notice your mistakes. Not what those mistakes have done to you emotionally. Don't judge others for a mistake they made when mistakes are made by everyone. They teach us valuable lessons and help us grow.

haha oh how i love miley cyrus

I'm pretty neutral about liking or not liking Miley Cyrus. I don't dislike, but she's not my favorite celebrity. BUT I LOVE THIS QUOTE!