nothing-but-vices:  Γιώργος Ρόρρης - Giorgos Rorris |  "Portrait of Takis Pitselas in an orange tie" - 2005

Portrait Of Takis Pitselas In An Orange Tie, 2005 by Giorgos Rorris on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

Artwork by Alexey Kondakov | | #art #paintings #collage

Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov, who inserts the characters from the masterpieces of classical painting in the streets of Kiev, from Caravaggio to Nicolas Regnier through Francesco Furini

Giorgos Rorris, ''Woman mirroring herself'', 2012, Oil in canvas, 190 x 200 cm.


Giorgos Rorris, ''Woman mirroring herself'', Oil in canvas, 190 x 200 cm.

Liam Barr

Woman smokes pipe with emperor penguin painting from Liam Barr

brazenswing:  Giorgos Rorris

'Difficult Pose' by Greek artist Giorgos Rorris oil on canvas, x 90 cm. via felios collection

Giorgos Rorris | Medusa Art Gallery

First visit of the New Model by Giorgos Rorris (Γιώργος Ρόρρης)

Artwork by Alexey Kondakov | | #art #paintings #collage

Designer Alexei Kondakov has created a series of works in which the characters of the classic Renaissance painting were integrated into the landscapes of Kiev

Second Liam Barr option.  I love how he paints eyes.

Second Liam Barr option. I love how he paints eyes.

Liam Barr | Artis Gallery

An anthology of fine art originals and limited edition prints from Wellington based artist liam Barr.

Liam Barr paintings of NZ

Liam Barr - "Memento Mori" - limited edition print *please enquire

Liam Barr

Liam Barr

Giorgos Rorris - Greco

pmikos: “ Giorgos Rorris “Ioanna”, double portrait of a woman, ”

markus schinwald

painting by Markus Schinwald; Austria's representative at the Venice Biennale 2011