1st bday party

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Laço perfeito dica
Fonte Instagram
two planters made out of black paper with white pictures on the top and bottom
Matteo e Ramona
there are many small succulents in the pots on this table, each with a ribbon tied around them
Recuerditos ecológicos
small brown bags with pink bows are sitting on a table
Regalos para bodas
the wedding stationery is decorated with purple ribbon and butterfly decorations, along with matching napkins
Il fiocco perfetto
two small pink bags filled with cookies on top of a wooden table
two tags with the names of children on them
Segnalibro e segnaposto per Prima Comunione o Cresima
Due bellissime e significative illustrazioni per bambino e bambina, da utilizzare al ristorante come segnaposto e come segnalibro dopo la giornata della celebrazione.
many different types of soaps wrapped in cellophane and ribbon on a table
Pastiglie Leone
an image of a table setting with white flowers and glassware on the table top
Pastiglie Leone's tin as a placeholder!
two small containers are sitting on a table next to each other with the word love written in spanish
Tin box Pastiglie Leone
there is a table that has many cans on it and a vase with flowers in it
Rose ed eucalipto per un matrimonio romantico | Wedding Wonderland
pastiglie leone bomboniere