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two heart shaped cards with lace and bows on them, sitting next to each other
Shabby Chic Wedding Favor
Tutti guardano le nuvole: Shabby Chic Wedding Favor
a heart shaped ornament with pearls and lace in the shape of a heart
a heart shaped basket with two white hearts and grey ribbon on the top, sitting on a brown surface
Un 💗 per me stessa...
Gessando: Un 💗 per me stessa...
a black and white heart shaped pillow on a table
Pois e pizzo
100%LOVE: Pois e pizzo
a heart shaped decoration hanging from a door with ribbons and bows on the front side
Cuore in stoffa elegante pronto per essere consegnato...destinazione Francia!
a heart shaped pillow hanging from a hook on a door handle with a bow around it
two pieces of burlocked fabric with white flowers on them sitting on a table
two heart shaped shoes with flowers on them
a heart shaped pillow hanging from the side of a brick wall with white lace on it
a heart shaped box with a teddy bear on it
two white birds sitting on top of a branch with red hearts in the shape of branches