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"He found his father alone in the well-ordered vineyard, digging about a plant; and he was clothed in a foul tunic, patched and wretched, and about his shins he had bound stitched greaves of ox-hide to guard against scratches, [230] and he wore gloves upon his hands because of the thorns, and on his head a goatskin cap; and he nursed his sorrow." (Hom.Od.24.226). Bonaventura Genelli (1798 – 1868).

gustave moreau les sirenes

Ulysses Recognised by his Dog Argos. Jean Joseph Espercieux. French 1757-1840. marble.

This @CourseHero infographic on The Odyssey is both visually stunning and informative!

liebod06.jpg - liebod06: Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, asked the SUITORS OF PENELOPE that they should let him have the bow and test it. Having strung the bow, he shot an arrow and hit all the marks, and then he shot the SUITORS down as well. Liebig sets.

liebod05.jpg - liebod05: When Odysseus was sailing near the island of the Phaeacians, Poseidon wrecked his raft, and Odysseus found himself in the midst of mountainous waves with nothing in store for him except sudden death. It was then that the sea-goddess Leucothea assisted him saying: "Swim for your life to the Phaeacian coast .. Take this veil and wind it round your waist. With its divine protection you need not be afraid of injury or death." (Leucothea to Odysseus. Homer, Odyssey…

liebod04.jpg - liebod04: When Calypso could not persuade Odysseus to stay with her, she, obeying the gods and keeping her oath, gave him tools and led him to the farthest part of the island, where Odysseus cut the timber down to build a raft and sail back home. Liebig sets.

liebod03.jpg - liebod03: Odysseus sailed past the Sirens, and since he wished to hear their lovely song and yet not be trapped by it, he stopped the ears of his comrades with wax, and ordered that he should himself be bound to the mast. And being persuaded by the Sirens to linger, he begged to be released, but they bound him tighter, until they had sailed past. Liebig sets.