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many different types of flowers are on display
For Weekend...
Amsterdam flower market
a man standing in front of a shelf filled with lots of spools of thread
Delightful afternoon with some new friends :) & WHERE WOMEN CREATE
for my gift wrapping room...
a table topped with lots of pink and white flowers
On Loan: Paris Pied-à-Terre With Garden - Urban Gardens
Roses at the florist shop...but what a lovely idea as well...
a table topped with lots of vases filled with different types of flowers and plants
Fresh pastel flower shop. The shabby chic door and ribbon roll is a cute idea.
three clear vases filled with white flowers and greenery sitting on a stone surface
Doubled cylinder glass vases - floral foam, lily of the valley leaves, roses, snowball, maiglöckchen - smell delicious -.Station 88 **
a wooden stand with potted plants on it and the words chalkboard produce stand
Chalkboard Produce Stand | something special every day
an outdoor cafe with potted plants on the outside
Antwerp cafe
Ignore everything, I want that chair and table out front on the porch with a wine bottle and flowers all over the place! I am also super partial to the chalk board signs!
an image of a flower shop in the middle of town with flowers on display outside
Convocatoria 47 ~ "ESCAPARATES" ~ Del 29 de Marzo al 05 de Abril ...MEJOR FOTO: Carlos cazurro - ¡Sinvergüenza! MEJOR TÉCNICA: ALF... Detalle MAS ORIGINAL: Elencita - Piernas
Flower Shop - outdoor display - flowers at different levels, large chalkboard sign
a large poster with flowers on it's sides and the words in different languages
Account Suspended
Infographic: Mother's Day Tips - Choosing the right #flowers | Infographics.SG
ribbons are hanging on the wall next to a mirror
How to Organize the Most-Used Rooms in Your Home—and Keep Them Organized
Ribbon storage rack
a bunch of flowers that are on display
Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume
a flower shop with lots of potted flowers on the front and side of it
Topiaire flower shop