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three crocheted squares with yellow flowers on them
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[Free Pattern] Extraordinarily Beautiful Daffodils Square with Pop-up Petals
an open book with embroidered flowers on it
日本ヴォーグ社発行 『大塚あや子のスタンプワーク』 - 作りたくなる手芸本紹介
the embroidery is made with different types of berries
Embroidered bees and berries. Just perfect. Kudos to the artist!
an old rug with many different colors and patterns
Hannah Thornbush's band samper mid 1600's - this is my very favourite band sampler, it inspires me!
an old rug with many different designs and colors on the bottom, along with words written in
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Spain name and date; top band of the sampler; embroidery; DENOB. e DE 48/LOA. CABOEN 24/ GELITAFLORES/ DEMANO DEAN; embroidered in dark blue silk thread; read from the bottom line up the inscription provides the name of the maker and the date of production
an old rug with many different designs on the border and in front of a white wall
Anna Buckett | Sampler | British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sampler, 1656 Anna Buckett English Linen worked with silk threads; long-and-short, split, stem, back, tent, cross, and satin stitches
three different pictures of flowers on the ground and in front of a weaving loom
ришелье бразильская вышивка
ришелье бразильская вышивка
a close up of a small embroidered object on a wooden surface with flowers and a dragonfly
Class in Session
Plays With Needles: Class in Session
a purple and gold bird with pearls on it's head sitting next to a beaded necklace
Next piece (made by Larissa Borodich), Magic Lantern, inspired by Hanna's works. Goldwork, stumpwork, pearls, beads, check purl, pearl purl, silk threads, etc. Size approximately (19 by 27 cm) 7 by 10 inches.