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Shiny and sassy gold foiled calendar. The patterns, words and numbers are all hand-drawn and letterpressed. The calendar even comes with a cute wood stump for display! | @1canoe2

Pretty AND Organized

18 Cute Pink Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls – DIY Decoration Tips - -

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This is a cute idea for keeping the family and all its obligations organized. I love the idea of a "Family Command Center". No more digging through papers or business cards or whatever to find appts, etc. LOVE IT. --AR

This could be super cute. Maybe a tad bit bigger so we can have more space to write on the calendar. But I like this rustic look with the mail slots!

See this home office inspired by Kate Spade with gold, pink and black...easy and inexpensive decor ideas!

Cute little organizer! I didn't want to pay for my templates so I made my own. I also spray painted it black and used my Cameo to put my name and a few cute polka dots. It turned out really cute and matches my room perfectly! - Jenny K

A cute way to orgainize my stuff at school so my cabinet isn't a mess! Annnnd, the kids can stop asking, "where are the _____???"

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