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Club 27

Here are some illustrations that I make, concerning the famous and the infamous Club 27, or that group of well-known artists , especially musicians , departed at the age of 27 years and therefore become part of that myth damn that hangs on their artistic life .
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Club 27 Jean-Michel Basquiat, digital paint


Club27 Jean-Michel Basquiat

Club 27 Jim Morrison, digital paint


Club27 Jim Morrison

Janis Joplin #digitalart #club27

Club27 Janis Joplin

Club 27 Amy Winehouse, digital paint

MarcoStefanni's DeviantArt Gallery

Club 27 Kurt Cobain, digital paint

Club27 Kurt Cobain

Club 27 Jimi Hendrix, digital paint

Club27 Jimi Hendrix

Club 27 Brian Jones, digital paint

Club27 Brian Jones

Club 27 Robert Jhonson, digital paint

Club27 Robert Jhonson