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shock75 elettrolisa
Torino / 'Cause I don't know what it is but I'm attracted to the dark
shock75 elettrolisa
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Infamous Cuban Cigar Lady

Infamous Cuban Cigar Lady ~ I love her face

I think this image reflects Hofstede's masculinity by the jewels is the woman is wearing.

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Hahaha... bei uns ist heute Feiertag - nänänänänä !! - mach Dir nix draus ich muß heute auch ran, nicht nur Du... schönen Tach! (Bhutan laughing nun)

Buddhist woman with prayer wheel and mala

a very unique looking young man, surely not a person on earth that looks just like him besides his father.

he is the cutest boy :) love ginger hair and freckles.beautiful eye color too

Traditional Ukranian floral headdresses.         Gloucestershire Resource Centre…

A Slavic workshop of stylists and photographers called Treti Pivni have decided to bring back one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions by giving it a new meaning.

I love the different lights on this picture! Would make a great drawing. Portraits de femmes sublimes par Joanna Kustra

Angels Beauty - Colored faces, for-redheads: Joanna Kustra photography

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor

Another cute little Mongolian girl, could be one of the twins. I found so many photos of little Mongolia girls and they are all so cute!

Let them know how beautiful they are...just as they are! ❤️

my heart is melting over this sweet little girl!what a contagious smile!

The face of a girl from the Amazon. #faces

Kayapo boy, Brazil with reverse mohawk

Africa | Side profile of highly decorated Samburu Warrior. | © Douglas Steakley/Lonely Planet

The colors of Africa. The Samburu are a Nilotic people of north-central Kenya that are related to but distinct from the Maasai.