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Antique Key Collection: Antique iron keys from France ~ "Chateau keys. Every-day-run-of-the-mill keys. Teeny tiny keys to unlock your secrets. The key to a loved one's heart.

Dal Ciao alle Buffalo, dalla scheda telefonica al Billy, dallo zaino  Mandarancia Drink alla chat di MSN: una carrellata di oggetti che solo i  nati prima del 1990 possono conoscere. Prepararsi alle lacrime  (via  Deejay )   Nella foto la scheda telefonica

Gli oggetti anni '90 che non esistono più

Nostalgia pre millennials: 20 oggetti che non esistono più

Vintage phones | Antique Telephones

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Digital Watch Pens. #Childhoodmemories #nostalgia #70s #80s

Digital Watch Pens. #Childhoodmemories #nostalgia #70s #80s

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Vintage awesome phone by A Bella Life.I'm sure kids today would look at this and be like what is this huge contraption?

Retro web 2.0: Facebook e Twitter com'erano negli anni Cinquanta

Some social media fun to kick start the week. Here are some great vintage/retro social media ads made by Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency. Learn more about the story behind them at Top Design Mag.