Marco Pulze
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I picked this picture of skateboard chairs because of the cool idea of taking something that is an interest of someone and creating a functional piece of furniture that also works as a statement piece.

book laptop cover

Where are the keys? ....I know a couple people that could benefit from this myself included!!!

23 super creative repurposed items Will Saint fleur via Lydia Koltai onto Can't afford a kitchen makeover? Paint it!

Reciclaje con palets y cajas, Reciclatge amb palets i caixes, Recycling pallets and boxes, Palettes et des boîtes de recyclage, Pallet riciclaggio e scatole, Recycling-Paletten und kartons.

Cosa ci faccio con le cassette della frutta? le gambe della mia bellissima scrivania vintage :)

Riciclo creativo con la carta: tante idee fai da te [FOTO]

Alessandro Mora - Contenitori

One of many beautifully dressed indigenous groups here in Ecuador. Come and experience the diversity and beauty of the 17 different indigenous groups and 27 unique ethnic groups here in the country for yourself! Twitter/elnomad - #onlyinECUADOR