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23 Gross Motor Games and Activities for Preschoolers you can play with Two or More People

23 gross motor games & activities for preschoolers (though I'd have a hard time doing their version of "Doggy, Doggy" after the version I've done with kindergarteners to identify timbre differences)

This website shows great gross motor activities to help children use muscles they may not use on a daily basis. Gross motor activities are important, and mostly get used during gym time, or outdoor play, and can be as simple as walking on a straight line.

Gross Motor Skills- Frankly no way my child with motor skills issues could bounce a ball AND walk a tape line. Don't be afraid to only do one or the other and work your way up.

Giochi di lancio

This is a game that includes both fine and gross motor skills. Picking up small cotton balls has to do with fine motor skills and throwing the cotton balls is a gross motor skill. All you need for this activity is cotton balls, tape, and a hula hoop