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an advertisement for the new yorker tennis team, with men's uniforms and rackets
New Yorker - Sept. 11, 1937
two people are playing tennis on a court
Amateur de Sport, Raymond Templier a Dessiné pour le Tennis - 'Joueurs au Filet' - 1943
a drawing of a man's head with the name ronald garros on it
a tennis racquet laying on the ground
Tennis Racquets for sale | eBay
Spaulding Impact Junior Tennis Sport Game Court Equipment Tennis Racquet SPORTS #Spaulding
a close up of a tennis racquet on a white wall with an orange and black logo
Bancroft Professional tennis racquet
an advertisement for the new yorker tennis team, featuring a man in striped shirt and white pants
An entry from American Gentility
The New Yorker, June 23, 1928
an old poster shows a woman holding a tennis racket in the air with her arms outstretched
eTennis League
Gallica e os cartazes de Jean d'Ylen (período entre-guerras) — Cartazes #tennis #TennisPlanet
an advertisement for the american girl magazine featuring a woman playing tennis
American Girl 1928-08
American Girl 1928-08 Red-headed girl missing a tennis ball coming her way: “Good try, Carrots”
a drawing of ronald garros with his name on it
Design Bombs
One of my favs, loved watching Bjorn Borg. roland garros posters from 1981 via webexpedition18
a man working in a shop with lots of pots and pans
eTennis League
Craftsman F Boswell shapes the bows of tennis racquets for future Wimbledons, at the London factory of Lillywhite, Frowd and Co - 15 April 1948
an advertisement for the brown and bigelow tennis team, featuring a woman in mid - air holding a racket
AntikBar Original Vintage Posters
Original #Vintage #Posters -> Sport Posters -> #Tennis Girl Brown and Bigelow #TennisPlanet
an advertisement for la vie parisiene featuring a nude tennis player on the net