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four pictures showing how to make an ornament out of rope and yarns
De 9 leukste en origineelste kerstversieringen om zelf uit te proberen!
De 9 leukste en origineelste kerstversieringen om zelf uit te proberen!
the instructions for how to make bows with ribbon and ribbons on them are shown in red
How to tie a perfect bow.
there is a cup of tea on the table
Product Design
Cute. Snail tea bag holder. Love this
an advertisement for inventios with different colors and designs on it's sides
One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder
One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder $5
a person typing on a red illuminated keyboard next to a cell phone and cubes
Infrared Keyboard
the window solar charger, $ 50 is on display in an instagram post
XD Design's Solar Phone Charger Sticks to Windows For Better Efficiency
Solar Window Charger #GadgetLove #lynnfriedman #geek #gadget
four red flowers are in a white container with a charger and usb cable plugged into it
Ever feel like you have run out of USB ports on your computer? Here is a stylish and fun solution for $22!
a hand with a cloth on top of a computer keyboard cleaning the keyboard and mouse pad
Touchscreen keyboard.
a person typing on an old typewriter with the keyboard turned down and their hands touching it
The iTypewriter concept reminds us of the good old days
Revolver Shaped Screwdriver Rechargeable Diy Projects, Drill Bits, Screwdriver, Revolver, Drill
Revolver Shaped Screwdriver Rechargeable
Revolver Shaped Screwdriver Rechargeable
two pictures of someone grating bread with a grater
Are You Flexible To Grate? - Yanko Design
Flexita food grater by Ely Rozenberg