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Paul Morphy is Not Strong: The Refutation | Mastering the Middlegame - GM Ben Finegold - YouTube

Grandmaster Ben Finegold can't believe that GM Friedel said that, if Paul Morphy were alive today, Morphy wouldn't have master strength.

Introduction to the French Defence | Kids' Class - GM Ben Finegold - YouTube

Grandmaster Ben Finegold teaches the kids (and you) to play the French Defence.

Intel vs. AMD #infografia #infographic #tech

Both Intel and Amd are my companies. I created the idea of fusing the GPU and CPU together. I have some revolutionary chip designs for my future computers. The autonomic system used on Intel chips were my idea.

Which IT Job Is The Best? - #infographic

In the very broad field of IT, there are a lot of different careers to choose from. Aside from involving computers, the actual day-to-day workflow and sala

Complex Chess Problems - WGM Jennifer Shahade - 2013.10.30 - YouTube

WGM Jennifer Shahade presents a lecture that covers some complex chess problems and tactical puzzles.

Fried Liver Redux - Beginner Breakdown - 2015.06.02 - YouTube

Mike Kummer has heard the arguments online that he is just plain wrong when it comes to the Fried Liver Attack.