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a painting of people in the woods at sunset
Ivan Shishkin - part 2
ART & ARTISTS: Ivan Shishkin - part 2
a painting of a garden with flowers and trees
a painting of people walking on the beach next to an old castle by the ocean
Wikiwand - Oswald Achenbach
a painting of people playing in the snow by a house with a tower on top
Charles Leikert - Winter - Landscape Painting, Realist, Oil Paint on Canvas, Late 19th Century
a painting with people standing in front of a waterfall
Pier Paolo Pasolini - Stalker 1979 Horror, Films, Scene, Cinematography, Movie Shots, The Forest, Film, Scenes, Abandoned
Pier Paolo Pasolini - Stalker 1979
an old painting of a castle in the snow
an old painting of a castle in the snow
Carl Julius von Leypold (German, 1806-1874), "Eine Burgruine im Schnee/A castle ruin in the snow" (1865) Oil on canvas, 70 x 65 cm Dresden, Galerie Neue Meister
a painting of people riding horses in the snow near a church with a steeple
🌍 A Winter Landscape 1851 Banerd Cornelis Koekkoek ( Holland 1803 - 1862 ) 4 12 21
a painting of people skating on a frozen lake in front of an old brick house
Dutch winter landscape by Charles Leickert
an image of a painting of people on the street