Poster by Marcello Dudovich, 1925 - La Rinascente travel goods

Marcello Dudovich Selected ads conceived and designed by Italian graphic and painter Marcello Dudovich. Marcello Dudovich with his wife Elisa Bucchi in Venice in [img

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Lora Lamm Illustration 2 "Summer and Sea". Poster for summertime sales at La Rinascente department store, Milan. From Graphis Annual tips collections

Max Huber, advertising poster for Italian department store, la Rinascente, 1955.

Max Huber advertising poster for Italian department store, la Rinascente. From Gebruachsgraphik No.


La Rinascente- the Italian department store for which Armani worked after he left medical schooling and the army, respectively.

Lora Lamm Illustration

Lora Lamm Illustration 3 Poster for the January sale of women's clothing at La Rinascente, an Italian department store. From Graphis Annual Now compare that with what a contemporary sale poster is likely to look like.