Doilies on a black canvas. Inspiration only.

Doilies on a black canvas -- cool idea for wall art, or little girl's headboard.

Irish crochet

Irish Linen Date: ca. 1850 Culture: Irish Medium: cotton Dimensions: (a): 14 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, Ella C.

Autobiographical lace made by Adelaide Hall, a patient in a mental asylum in Washington around 1916

Autobiographical lace made by Adelaide Hall, a Washington state mental asylum resident,

22 Mesmerizing Handmade DIY Lace Crafts To Beautify Your Home

Come realizzare veri capolavori riutilizzando dei centrini

Gorgeous use of doilies.  Maybe after the cat passes on...

clever use for old doilies--a chair cover! Shabby maybe, but definitely chic. Can usually pick up old lace and crocheted doilies for pretty cheap at thrifts and estate sales.


A collection of antique lace with an old photograph of a baby dressed in a lace gown. use my cubbies for lace/linen/doilies