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an open box containing two pairs of socks and a note that says, what do you believe?
Small box. Great joy. Gift box by @manothestudio
Small business packaging idea: handmade jewellery gift box.
an open box with some flowers in it on top of a white furnishing
Eco-friendly Packaging @manothestudio
Perfect gift box! Recyclable cardboard box with reusable mini jewellery pouch 100% cotton. Eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping via @manothestudio on Etsy.
a bottle stopper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Minimalistic Branding | Logo Stamp @manothestudio
Ecofriendly branding solution: wooden logo stamp on recyclable cardboard boxes. More on @manothestudio Instagram
a wooden pepper mill sitting on top of a plate next to a plant with leaves
Wooden Logo Stamp @manothestudio
Packages are branded with customized logo stamp. Simple and eco friendly option for packaging design. More info @manothestudio on Instagram