art of science - beached whales by Jen Corace

The Where, The What The How: 75 Artists Illustrate the Wondrous Mysteries of the Universe. Beached Whales by Jen Corace

Moon Flight Art Print - #Rubbishmonkey

Bear asked Sophie why they rowed past Moon every night. Sophie said she was afraid of Dreams but felt safe under the light of heaven. Bear replied "How could you not feel safe? You have a Friend Forever who is great, boat-rowing Bear.

Abstract Art  Dark Circles 2  8x10  di AMMIKI su Etsy, $20.00

Abstract Art, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Etsy Art Australia, Minimal Abstract Art, Abstract Circle Art, Purple Abstract Art, Purple, Pink

S W A N T J E · U N D · F R I E D A: W E L C O M E · B A C K · F R I E D A

SCHOOL PROJECT IDEA - use the hot air balloon and little girl inside in any grade below 5 - child dreams, youth and innocence

Amanda Krantz Bromeliads I

Folio of paintings by contemporary Australian artist :: GALLERY :: Amanda Krantz/rainbow of colors n painting/love

l'arc d'amour

Jiří Slíva ~ how come women are the ones bending over backwards to please 99 out of 100 times?

La donna che da 14 anni fotografa gli alberi più antichi del mondo

Photographer Beth Moon has spent 14 years shooting portraits of the world's biggest and oldest trees. Her journey has taken her to some of the most isolated places on Earth.