Coffee Bean Farm In Nepal

The people and places of Nepal from Surya Prasads Adhikari's permaculture terrace farm. Located just outside of Pokhara in Begnas.
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Freshly picked arabica coffee beans from the foothills of the western himalayas on a terrace farm in Begnas that overlooks the Annapurnas

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Volunteers from Ama & Buas terrace farm on a hillside in Begnas Tal overlooking the Annapurnas :-)

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The entrance to Surya Prasad Adhikari permaculture farm. The first of its kind in Nepal.

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Begnas Lake (Tal), just outside of Pokhara near the western himalayas (Annapurnas). View from the hillside over the lake.

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Dal Bhat, the national dish of Nepal. It means Rice and Lentils soup, then its served with some curried vegetables and some lovely mystery 'pickle.' The 'pickle' can refer to any chutney like substance.

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Volunteers from all over the world rotating and drying coffee beans for eventual distribution (for Everest Coffee) to roasters around the world.

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The best mother anyone could ever ask for besides their own, Ama. Ama is Surya's wife and has three children of her own.

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