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there are many potted plants on the outside of this house
A Community of 50 3D Printed Homes Is Under Construction in Mexico
Casas impressas em 3D México New Story ICON
welders work on an object with sparks in the air as it is being made
5 Big Breakthroughs to Anticipate in 3D Printing
Recently, groundbreaking stereolithography methods have succeeded in producing complex shapes at up to 100 times the speed of traditional 3D printers.
a large stone wall next to a building with an open window on the front and side
Essa mansão foi construída em 45 dias com uma impressora 3D
Essa mansão foi construída em 45 dias com uma impressora 3D
various plastic parts are shown next to a ruler
Accelerating Innovation
3D-printed polymer molds.
a machine that is making something white and black with it's head in the air
Accelerating Innovation
Transforming Connectivity with Conductive Plastics
a man in glasses working on an assembly line
Accelerating Innovation
Accelerating Innovation
someone holding up a piece of paper with a qr code on it
A Magical 3D-Printed Piece of Art: the Shadow Cloud | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise
The Swiss designer duo Drzach and Suchy have left us stunned once again. This isn’t the first time they’ve amazed us with their magical 3D printed shadow art. And now, they even took it to the next…
an image of the back side of a computer screen with text and pictures on it
Here's How 3D Printing is Changing Our World
Here’s How 3D Printing is Changing Our World
a green and white object on a white surface with no one in it's image
The NIH 3D Print Exchange
The NIH 3D Print Exchange
there are several different types of scissors on the table and one is made out of paper
3D Systems Support
3D Printed Cable Ties by Matthijs Kok for Cubify
a large kitchen with wooden floors and stainless steel appliances, along with an island in the middle
100 Cozinhas com Ilha Central: Projetos e Fotos Incríveis
Extensao do balcão
Co.Design Archives
Project Escher could finally make it possible to 3-D print cars.