Easy DIY Christmas card. Could use cut-out strips from magazines.

Easy DIY Holiday Crafts - Wallpaper Collage - Click pic for 25 Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas for Kids (Diy Nol Carte)

Very nice DIY Christmas cards! But if you are not so good at the DIY stuff... you can still have amazing personalised Christmas Cards if you print them with CardsMadeEasy! :) Check our lovely templates now at http://www.cardsmadeeasy... or upload your own artwork! http://www.cardsmadeeasy...

button christmas cards - I'm going to start looking for buttons now. This is a cute idea! (never mind that I always forget to send out my xmas cards)

DIY Christmas Cards - Glamorous Tree - Click pic for 25 Holiday Crafts

Christmas tree button card- this would be cute with green buttons and a few colored ones thrown in (skip the paper circles all together)