Dernier print de Durex aux Emirats Arabes Unis, pour faire la promotion de sa page Facebook locale (Juillet 2013)

The Print Ad titled Visit Online was done by Arrow advertising agency for Durex in United Arab Emirates.

Oreo- Interface Communication (Mumbai) Inde- Avril 2013

Oreo is using a print ad with an optical illusion to show they've got Oreos in vanilla and choco crème.

Suddenly, everything else seems old. Mini

MINI Cooper S: Suddenly everything else seems old - Gute Werbung

New Mégane coupé, everything else seems older.

New cars in the old-time — Renault Megane: Street 1

Clearasil - Black Spots -2006

This ad for Clearsil cleverly plays a mind game on its viewers – which means they'll likely spend more time looking at the ad, which means there's a better change they'll remember the ad. Bonus: The mind game effectively promotes what the product does.

Wolkwagen les points par Ogilvy- 2002

Wolkwagen les points par Ogilvy- 2002