Sea Flower by on @deviantART

Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria. They are named for the anemone, a terrestrial flower.

Macro Sunset by on @deviantART

Tiny drop with sun setting in the woods refraction.

Omg its YOU again....   Lemur looking miffed.

Omg its YOU again. Lemur looking miffed.

Shining Star by on @deviantART

Shining Star by on @deviantART

In The Grass by on @deviantART

Grass stalk adorned with early morning water drops and sunshine. In The Grass

Terns Twenty by on @deviantART

Terns Twenty by on @deviantART

Melting Heart by on @deviantART

Heart drawn in condensation. Condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from gas phase into liquid phase, and is the reverse of va.