Margherita Barnabè

Margherita Barnabè

Margherita Barnabè
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This is exactly like the kitten I found in my dream "The little furry buggers are just deep, deep wells you throw all your emotions into.

Genius weather app.

Authentic Weather App, Tobias van Schneider The app is pretty simple, it’s just the fuck*ng weather outside if you don’t have a window to look outside – It’s like a digital window, impressive huh?

Invy App  Flipweek agenda  by Wouter ● Bread

Since i started getting more UI design jobs, i really need some inspiration in order to start my concept design. Therefore, in this roundup we gathered 80 beautifully app designs from Dribbble with excellent UI experience in mind.


This post showcases over inspiring iPhone app UI designs, all of which boast great interface designs for interesting apps currently in the works.